Hope of Life Guatemala Mission
A Letter from Dale Trotter:

First of all we really miss all of you and were looking so forward to coming home for a visit in September. Obviously, that isn't happening because of Covid 19, hopefully soon we can visit. 

Since arriving in Guatemala, we have also been in quarantine. We are confined to Hope of Life and unable to leave the premise. We are in a temporary home, still living out of our suitcases but God has been using us in amazing ways.

Since no teams can visit or mission trips from anyplace outside Guatemala we have been tasked with food bags, elder care and general work around Hope of Life.

I have done multiple electrical projects and some maintenance on vehicles. Lori and the girls have been busy in the bodegas with food bags and caring for children at Kelly House. 

Sadly, one day while Lori and Traci were working one child passed away. WE were comforted knowing that she now sits with our Father without pain or the need for assistance. What a wonderful promise of eternity.

We miss you guys, enjoy a few photos. Look forward to updating you again soon. 


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