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Bayside's Vision

To create an environment where people are transformed by living out God’s Word.


Bayside Community Church is a diverse community of believers focused on the mission of offering restoration through Jesus Christ. While we do subscribe to Southern Baptist doctrine, we do not allow our affiliation to Baptist doctrine to become a dividing factor. 

Our ultimate authority of truth and code of conduct is the infallible word of God, found in the Bible. Our commitment to presenting the full and accurate word of God as well as our commitment to diversity (all races, ethnicities, worship styles, and socio-economic statuses are all welcome) have allowed us to grow as a congregation. We offer an inviting, caring atmosphere with contemporary worship service.

Bayside's Core Values

Evangelism: We are committed to bringing the lost into a relationship with Jesus Christ and the unchurched into fellowship with other believers.

Worship: We are committed to developing a meaningful and exciting atmosphere of seeking and praising God through music, drama, and technology.

Relationships: We are committed to connecting with one another through personal and nurturing relationships.

Discipleship: We are committed to developing fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Truth: We are committed to using the Holy Scripture as our only source of authority and truth.

Prayer: We are committed to seeking direction and developing all aspects of our ministry through prayer.

Open Hand: We are committed to handling God’s resources with an open hand, sharing with others as the Holy Spirit leads.

Kingdom Cooperation: We are committed to working with God’s entire Kingdom to accomplish His purposes; therefore we desire to work in cooperation with other churches in Pocomoke City.

Bayside’s Mission

To offer restoration through Jesus Christ.


Leadership / Staff Listing for Bayside Community Church


Phone: 443-856-8985


Bob Boyce - Lead Pastor 



Steve Young 

Les McGonigal 

Dale Trotter - International Missions Hope of Life Guatemala Missionary 


Deacons / Deaconesses 

Pat McGonigal


Clay Morgan

Steve Atkins

Andy Glenn


G.R.O.O.T. Youth Leader

Gina Dean


Children's Ministry SCION Kids

Laura Atkins


Nursery Ministry Lil’ Sprouts

Becky Dennis

Finance Director

Suzanne Nelson

Administrative Assistant

Kelly Richardson

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