Blue Skies

The Bayside Experience

We offer the area’s premier contemporary worship service. Expect to participate in high energy, spirit filled, authentic worship led by some of the area’s most talented musicians.

Hand clapping, hand raising, and yes, even some dancing are expressions of joy filled worship and are welcome.

We have a loose dress code in that we ask that folks come in whatever makes them comfortable. For some, that may be a suit and for others, that may be some board shorts and flip flops. All we ask is that your clothing choices reflect the modesty necessary for a wholesome family atmosphere.

Sunday Mornings

9:30 AM
Light continental breakfast available.

10:00 AM
Contemporary worship service.

10:30 AM

Children dismissed from service to attend  children’s church after praise and worship (Kindergarten - 5th grade

Nursery available for children 6 months to 4 years.