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Please join us for Scion Kids Church. A scion is a shoot or a twig of a plant that is used for grafting or rooting. We chose the name "Scion Kids" because we believe that we are taking our young children and developing their roots deep in Christ. At Scion, we teach that accepting Jesus as our Savior is the only way to heaven and that it is our responsibility, no matter our age, to further the growth of the Kingdom.  We love studying the word of our Lord through biblical teachings and hands-on learning. For example we have done a series on Donuts and Disciples, because life without Jesus is like a donut without sprinkles (NOT HAPPY!)    Our volunteers are all ministry safe certified. We meet each Sunday at Bayside Central at 205 5th St in Pocomoke, Md. At 10 am. We welcome all children - Kindergarten through 5th grade.

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  • Scion Kids



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