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Support Group Session
What is a Pier Group?

Bayside Community Church is a church which not only meets on Sundays for the purpose of celebrating our Lord and Savior, but also during the week in various homes (Pier Groups) for the purpose of Christ-centered worship, edification of its members, relational evangelism, and discipleship with the goal of multiplication. These groups are the very livelihood of our being as a church and we encourage everyone to be a part of them. Do you want to grow in your relationship with Christ? This is where that begins. We invite you to participate in this ministry as we grow our relationship with Jesus, ourselves, and our community.

Why are we a small group church?

·         Small groups were Jesus’ primary ministry strategy and the foundational infrastructure of the first century church.


·         Small groups meet deep human needs.


·         They can be the key to explosive church evangelism and multiplication.


·         A healthy Christian small group is a gathering of three to fifteen people who meet regularly together for the purpose of                    spiritual growth and outreach.


·         Genesis 2:18, “It is not good for man to be alone.” Humanity needs to be in community.


·         A healthy small group has the power to create community and connectedness.

When do we meet?


Fit for Christ - Led by Gina Dean

6-8pm at the Pocomoke Fire Hall

Gathering Grounds - Led by Kelly Richardson

6-8pm at Bayside Central

Youth G.R.O.O.T. 

6-8pm at the Red Garage

UNPLUG - Bayside Women's Monthly Gathering - Led by Karen Broadwater and Laura Atkins

6-8pm Every 3rd Wednesday

Iron Sharpens Iron ( Men's Weekly Meeting)
6-8pm At Bayside Central

A-WIP - led by Steve Young

6:30pm at 1214 Cedar Hall Road in Pocomoke

Iron Sharpens Iron Men's  Monthly Breakfast 

7:30am - 9am at Bayside Central

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